The Blue Iron Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was founded in 2005 by Brothers, Sisters, and Supporters of Law Enforcement who shared the love of riding motorcycles, the love of law enforcement, brotherhood, and most importantly recognized the importance of a “family first” attitude. We pride ourselves on being a family oriented Law Enforcement based Motorcycle Club.

The Georgia Original Chapter was founded in April of 2010 with just 3 members. Over the past few years we have grown to over 20 members in the Canton, GA area.  

The Georgia Deuces Chapter was founded in April of 2017 in McDonough, GA with 10 members and growing. 

About Blue Iron LE MC


 Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club


We ride for the pure freedom riding gives, to support those in need, and to escape the reality of what we see as a result of our profession.



The club was organized to allow riders of American made cruisers and some non American made cruisers who are Law Enforcement Officers or family, friends, and supporters of the law enforcement community to become members and by doing so form a brotherhood where all families can come together for a common goal. 


We maintain a positive image and anything less will not be tolerated.



We are not affiliated with any other motorcycle club; we do however respect all other colors and expect the same in return.